Imagine what this floor could do for your home

D‘SIGNFLOR is a natural productand therefore should be allowed to acclimatise for at least 24 hours (in the room in which it is being used).

Can be cut using a suitable utility knife and straight edge.

At walls, ducts etc. aminimum edge distance of 10 mm should be maintained.

A fully sealed vapour barrier should be incorporated on all mineral based substrates.

D‘SIGNFLOR should be laid loose with a stagger of half the board length.A gap of 3 mm should be kept between the individuals boards.

For new build an upgrading existing floors. Excellent foot step damping and impact sound insulation 19dB. High compression strength up to 15 t/m2 - ideal for click-systems. Smooth‘s floor uneverness ≤ 3mm. Water vapour open



Punctual Conformability (PC)

2,9 mm

Compressive Strength (CS)

> 150kPa

Compressive Creep (CC)

> 50kPa

Dynamic Load (DL25)

> 150.000 cycles

Resistance to Large Ball (RLB)

> 900mm

Water vapour
diffusion resistance (SD)

0,04 m

Thermal Resistance (R)

0,07 m2K/W

Impact Sound Reduction (ISLAM)

19 dB

Reaction to fire (RTF)